• Age: 30
  • Nationality: Mexico
  • Languages: Chinese, Korean, English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Volunteer Experiences

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Experience in Netherlands

Hostel Amsterdam, Netherlands Jun/2019

Housekeeping and Cleaning

Review written by the host

We are really glad we took her in. Everything that was required from her she did without complaining and did a great job. If there was something to improve we told her and she was always willing to do so. Another thing that was really important for us is that she worked in our team really well. After a few days she just saw the things that were to do and helped out where she could, even though we did not tell her to do so. She was friendly and helpful towards her fellow volunteers and always lent a helping hand. She could also connect well to the guest and created a friendly atmosphere.

  • Responsibility
  • Sociability
  • Proactivity
  • Commitment

Review written by Tahina

My experience at the hostel was AMAAAZING! I recommend it 100% All the staff is so friendly, polite, respectful and patient. The hours of work are fair, the team is always open to answer your questions and help you. One of the most interesting things was the devotion time. I've learned a lot. Even if I'm not a big fan of Amsterdam, being here was my best Worldpackers experience so far and by now! I'm really thankful for what I've learned from each of you. Thank you for everything Deborah, Miriam & Achim! ♥

Experience in Belgium

Hostel Antwerp, Belgium Apr/2019

Cleaning, Housekeeping, Reception, and Bartending

Host didn’t write a review

Experience in United Kingdom

Hostel Drumnadrochit, United Kingdom Apr/2019

Bartending, Cleaning, and Reception

Review written by the host

Karina (Tahina) came to us by recommendation from another hostel. Unfortunately she arrived with us after a long time of travelling and her heart just wasn't in it from the beginning. She realised she needed to go home, which did leave us a bit stuck, but she was very apologetic and we did understand and agree - if she didn't want to be here then of course she needed to leave early. Perhaps because of that, Karina wasn't very sociable while she was here. But I think under different circumstances we could have had a completely different experience and we truly wish her the best for the future.

  • Proactivity

Review written by Tahina

Nikki and Patrick are amazing hosts. They always take care of you, explain you every detail about the job. They're really patient. Because of personal things I had to leave early, but it's a really good place. If you're always looking for party this is not the place for you. The tasks are easy. I just experienced some troubles because of the scottish accent of the people :'D, but besides that everything, it's really fair. They are a lovely family and I would like to go back again when my problems get solved. Thank you for everything :)!

* 27 but feel like a child still. * New places ✈️ for collect EXPERIENCES of EVERYTHING it's the engine of MY life: Knowing, feeling, tasting, sharing ... Well, in my experience as a volunteer, I'm like a chameleon for the tasks 😎 I can do whatever you ask for. There's just something that I DON'T REALLY like: Cook for others and sell stuff. I'll let the reviews "talk" for me 🤗

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  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese


I'm an expert!
  • Cleaning
  • Housekeeping
  • Photography
  • Reception
  • Social Media
Some experience
  • Bartending
  • Farming
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Night Shift
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Video Making
  • Web Developer
I want to learn it
  • Arts
  • Child Care
  • Gardening
  • Handyman
  • Social Work
  • Teaching Languages


Work Experience

Real life: IT Recruiter (猎头) and basic web developing

In other countries, i've been doing a lo tof things. I can do anything. Just one thing that I hate...Sales. Haha

Travel Experience

I've been in Chile and Europe thanks to Worldpackers. Besides explore almost my hole country by my own. I'm looking forward to Asia♥