Best Pepper Spray for Self Defense

Pepper spray is commonly used by riot police when controlling rowdy crowds. Individuals carry it as a form of self-defense, to be used on an assailant or an attacking dog

Best Overall

SABRE Tactical Pepper Gel


Maximum Stopping Power


Great Burst Range


Easy Access

Best For Runners

SABRE Advanced Pepper Spray for Runners


Advanced 3-in-1 Formula


Elastic Hand Strap

Best Seller

SABRE Red Pepper Spray Keychain


Trigger Twist Lock


Long Range for Safe Protection

For anyone who needs to protect themselves while out and about but doesn’t want to carry a firearm, pepper spray can be an excellent non-lethal alternative.

Pepper spray is the most popular self-defense tool available. It’s easy to carry, powerful in stopping an attacker, both humans, and aggressive dogs, as well as being an affordable option.

Review of Best Pepper Sprays

If you’re in the search for a high-quality, efficient, and inexpensive pepper spray, we’ve got 3 of the best pepper sprays on the market. They contain potent formulas, easily accessible, and give you protection from a safe distance with long spray ranges.

Here are the three best pepper sprays for self-defense:

1. Best Overall: SABRE Tactical Pepper Gel



  • Maximum strength pepper gel
  • Easy access with a belt holster
  • Pepper gel is safer and provides a more precise aim
  • Flip-top safety feature
  • Protection from a vast range of distance
  • It is not affected by wind direction


  • With only 1.8 ounces and 18 bursts, the pepper gel content is relatively small.

This is the best overall pepper spray in the market. It’s ideal for anyone who works in law enforcement or security, as it offers a long 18-foot range with 18 bursts of powerful streams of pepper gel.

SABRE is considered to be the #1 choice for law enforcement agencies in the US. The company is a leader in the personal safety category and 100% made in the USA.

Here are SABRE’s Tactical Pepper Gel’s features:

1. Maximum Stopping Power

This pepper gel contains professional-grade OC spray backed by the company’s in-house lab testing, ensuring maximum heat and stopping power in every burst. The company’s in-house testing eliminates the 30% failure percentage present in most other brands in the market.

OC stands for Oleoresin Capsicum, which is a derivative of cayenne pepper. SABRE’s Formula is considered to be 2x hotter than other brands and 67x hotter than hot sauce.

2. Great Burst Range

With 18 bursts in this pepper gel, it contains 1.8 ounces of pepper gel, deployed in a powerful stream of gel that reaches up to 18 feet or 5.5 meters. It provides protection at a safe distance.

3. Easy Access

The pepper gel features a belt holster that allows you to place it on your waist, hidden by a jacket or visible to others. It has a flip-top safety that prevents it from accidentally bursting and provides easy access in emergencies.

4. Pepper Gel Protects Against Wind Blowback

This product contains pepper gel and not spray. The gel is safer than a spray, as it blocks wind blowback, which means you get to have a more precise aim. Wind direction does not affect the gel, compared to a spray that might get in your face if the wind direction is unfavorable.

SABRE’s Tactical Pepper Gel with Belt Holster is a powerful and accessible protection tool against attackers. Used by law enforcement and security personnel, it is an excellent and safer alternative to carrying a firearm. Its flip-top provides a safety feature that prevents it from accidentally leaking or bursting, and it’s small enough to hide in a jacket or place on your belt.

It’s made of pepper gel, which prevents the contents from spraying onto your face if you use it outdoors and it’s windy. Gel also offers a more precise aim, and it reaches up to 18 feet or 5.5 meters, which is a vast distance from you and an attacker or aggressive dog. With 18 bursts, you can also protect yourself from more than just one attacker at a time.

Everything would’ve been perfect with this pepper spray except that it only has a small amount of the Formula. At only 18 bursts, the canister will quickly empty with just a few bursts. Though you probably won’t be using this all the time, you need to practice using the pepper gel to make sure an unfortunate event occurs. You can instantly spray an attacker with efficiency.

Overall, it’s a great tool to defend yourself and other people without actually administering lethal harm to an attacker. If you work in security or are exposed to an environment where an assault from another person or an aggressive dog is frequent, you might want to purchase more than just one of these pepper gels.

2. Best for Runners: SABRE Advanced Pepper Spray for Runners



  • Powerful 3-in-1 Formula with CS tear gas
  • Bursts 35 times for multiple attackers
  • Hand strap perfectly fits the hands for protection as you run
  • The hand strap has a reflective logo for night runs
  • Wide range at 10 feet


  • Some users have said the spray doesn’t reach 3 meters when used outdoors.
  • Safety features need the practice to use the pepper spray efficiently.

This is the best pepper spray for runners or joggers, especially those who love running at night. It sits perfectly on the palm and features an elastic hand strap that allows runners to jog with peace of mind comfortably.

Here are SABRE’s Advanced Pepper Spray for Runners features:

1. Advanced 3-in-1 Formula

This powerful defense spray in one little canister contains SABRE’s unique 3-in-1 Formula that features CS military tear gas, OC, and UV marking dye that helps in suspect identification. The CS military tear gas content is powerful enough as a bear spray, heightening the burn of the burst.

2. Elastic Hand Strap

With an adjustable elastic hand strap, you can easily hold the pepper spray as you run, giving you instant protection when you need it. It sits comfortably on the palm of your hands, eliminating the need to place it in your pocket or on a belt as you run at night.

The hand strap also features a reflective logo that helps make you visible to drivers and other people in the dark.

3. Protection at a Safe Distance

This pepper spray features an extended range of bursts at a 10-foot range or 3 meters. It helps to protect yourself at a safe distance, far from your attacker. A total of 35 bursts is made possible by this pepper spray, which means you can protect yourself against multiple attackers at once.

4. Safety Feature with Toggle

It features a twist toggle safety feature that prevents it from accidentally bursting as you run, or if you place it in a purse, it prevents the spray from leaking inside.

The SABRE Advanced Pepper Spray for Runners is a powerful and efficient protection against attackers from both humans and aggressive animals when out on the run. Its hand strap allows you to hold it in your hand as you’re running outdoors, giving you the peace of mind that you can protect yourself in case an assault or attempted assault occurs.

This is especially useful for running at night since they are vulnerable to random attacks on the road.

The 3-in-1 Formula is quite strong, as it includes CS tear gas, which is military grade. It’s powerful enough to stop an attempted attack on its tracks, causing temporary blindness and pain so joggers can safely escape the situation.

The only thing that users have reported with this pepper spray is that some have used it on large dogs trying to attack them, and the range didn’t reach 3 meters. They were only able to hit the dog with the spray at close range successfully.

Another thing that users have complained about is that the safety feature takes time to practice. Of course, the safety feature prevents accidental bursts, but you would need to practice twisting the toggle and spraying within milliseconds to use the spray correctly.

Overall, this is a product that any runner needs. Whether you’re a man or woman, you are always putting yourself at risk when you’re jogging outdoors, especially at night. The pepper spray gives you protection and peace of mind in case the unfortunate happens.

3. Bestselling: SABRE Red Pepper Spray Keychain



  • Powerful OC formula
  • Easy access being a keychain
  • Safety feature prevents accidental discharge
  • Quick-release for easy access


  • The spray is not resistant to wind blowback
  • Mint and red colors are attractive to kids

This pepper spray keychain is easy-to-carry and accessible protection whenever you need it. You can attach your home or car’s keys to the keychain and have access to it anytime. It comes in 4 colors: black, grey, red, and mint, for more color options.

Here are SABRE Red Pepper Spray Keychain’s features:

1. Safety Feature with Trigger Twist Lock

Since you’re attaching the pepper spray keychain to your bag, or purse, or on your belt, the safety features prevent accidental spraying or leak of the painful OC formula. It also prevents toddlers or kids from accidentally shooting themselves with the spray.

2. Easy Access

As a keychain, the pepper spray is easy to access anytime you need it. The quick-release keyring provides fast and instant access for emergencies.

3. Long Range for Safe Protection

The spray has an extended range of 10 feet or 3 meters, allowing you to protect yourself safely at a distance. There are also 25 bursts in this small pepper spray, which means you can protect yourself from more than one assailant if needed.

4. Powerful Police Strength OC Spray

The powerful OC spray is strong enough to inflict temporary blindness and pain to an attacker, be it a person or an animal. It allows you immediate protection so you can safely get away from the attacker as they bawl in pain from the Formula.

For anyone who wants to carry a pepper spray but thinks they won’t need it frequently, a keychain pepper spray is a great option just in case. You can attach it to a keychain you’re already using, or you can also attach your car or home keys with it.

It has a safety feature, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally pressing the spray as you use your other keys. However, kids might be curious about what it is, especially if you choose bright colors, such as the red and mint keychains.

The spray is also not resistant to wind blowback, so you need to be careful about it if the wind direction is towards you.

Overall, this is an essential tool for protection and easily accessible when you need it in stressful situations.

The Bottom Line

While pepper sprays are a powerful tool of self-defense, you still need to make other safety precautions when you’re jogging at night, when you find yourself in a hostile environment, or if your job entails security and law enforcement.

Nevertheless, a defense pepper spray can give you peace of mind when you’re running in the dark, or when you’re always in a crowd of people, and if you believe you are in a dangerous situation.

They are powerful in causing temporary vision problems. They’re painful to the skin and eyes. They temporarily immobilize a possible attacker, whether another person or an aggressive dog such as a pitbull.

If you would like to have peace of mind in hostile environments, outdoors, or in the evening, pepper spray can give you an efficient line of defense, as well as peace of mind.

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