Is your wife cheating on you? Read how to catch her!

Did you noticed something odd happening with your spouse? Did she join a dating site? This is is huge warning sign that your partner is cheating you, and maybe now would be good idea to catch a cheating spouse!

Read on and learn how to catch a cheater.

Have you ever wondered if your wife has cheated on you? If there is something about your wife’s recent behaviour that doesn’t seem quite right and your gut is telling you that there might be another man in her life you should conduct your own investigation before you confront her. And today this is easy to do with cell phone monitoring software.

There are many red flags that could be indicative of a cheating spouse.

7 Rad Flags of a cheating spouse

1. How much time is she spending on the computer and more specifically social media?

If your wife is spending more and more time on Facebook or similar sites this may be a red flag. Take a look at her posts on Facebook and take note if you see a lot of interaction with any particular man in general. Take a look at your wife’s internet history when she isn’t there. If she has erased her browser history there may be something there that she didn’t want you to see.

Remember that smart phones are the most commonly used devices for cheating.

If you can get access to her phone see if she has downloaded any dating specific apps such as Tinder, Zoosk or Ashleigh Madison. Social apps like Whatsapp, Kik, Snapchat, Google Hangouts or Skype may be ways she is hiding communication with another guy.

Pay attention to see if these apps are always being deleted after use. Take a look at her cell phone bill if you can. Take note of the same number that is being frequently dialed.

You can use a reverse search online to find out the name and location for the phone number. You also want to be on the look out for new email addresses that she has created for herself. Again you can find this information if you pay attention to her internet history.

Don’t want to be that invasive, and you don’t want to use spying software! Why don’t you try and talk to a psychic about your relationship.



2. Changes in her grooming habits

The longer a couple stays together the more relaxed they become with their appearance. If your wife suddenly gets a make over and is making a considerable effort to improve her appearance she may be trying to make herself look good for someone new. Watch out for excessive shopping sprees. If she is coming home with bags of new clothes pay attention. Is she wearing these clothes in front of you?

A really big sign of infidelity can be if your wife is suddenly buying sexy lingerie but not wearing it for you at all.

She started hitting the gym or recently started working out excessively? If your wife takes a sudden interest in trying to improve her body she may be doing so to attract another man.

Is she showering as soon as she gets home or worse at the gym? She may be trying to cover up the scent of another man.

3. She is suddenly withdrawn or aloof

Over all you are noticing less intimacy, sharing, talking etc.. She may be speaking in terms of “me” and “I” instead of “we” or “us”. She stops sharing all of the small details about her day. As a general rule women love to talk about the small details of their day. She may be getting the emotional support from someone else.

Another big red flag is eye contact or lack of. It is part of human behaviour to avoid eye contact when you feel guilty about something. Try to make eye contact with her throughout the day. If she is cheating she will find it very difficult to make and maintain eye contact with you.

4. Changes in sexual behaviour

You might think that your wife would show less interest in making love. This may not necessarily be the case. She may want more sex as a way of alleviating her guilt or she may be using you physically if she is having an emotional affair with another man.

Is she using different techniques? Maybe she has learned them from a new partner. Maybe there is less affection and passion. Even if you are still having sex regularly it may seem more like a chore to her.

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5. Is she getting easily annoyed, defensive or argumentative?

Her guilty conscience may have her trying to justify the affair to herself. Finding fault with you and making you the bad guy to make herself feel better. She may even try to accuse you of cheating to transfer the guilt back onto you. On the other hand she may be displaying indifference towards you, which is not good at all. This is an indication that she no longer cares.

6. Smoking or drinking

Has your wife developed any new less than desirable habits such as smoking or drinking or perhaps she is smoking and drinking more than before. If she has then she may have met someone who has introduced these habits to her.

Pay attention to when you smell alcohol on her breath. If you smell it on her breath when she is coming home from running errands or a supposed late night at the office there may be a problem.

7. Does she have a new friend?

In general women get very excited about meeting someone new. They feel a need to talk about them because they are so excited about the new relationship. She may be giving you a fake name to throw you off. Her new friend “Allison” might actually be “Al”.

Before you confront your spouse you must conduct your own investigation to confirm your suspicions. If your wife has not been cheating on you and you accuse her, your problems could become much worse creating problems that never existed beforehand.Now you have learned all the tricks on How to catch a cheating woman! And now it is time for you to try mSpy and track partner’s phone, text messages, GPS location and call log.


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