Is your husband cheating on you? Read How To Catch Your Husband Cheating!

You have a bad feeling in your stomach that something isn’t right in your marriage but you can’t put your finger on it and you can’t shake the feeling. If you suspect your husband is cheating then it may be time to start looking for signs that he is having an affair.Don’t confront your spouse just yet. Read on and try the app.

Women have very strong intuition and should trust their gut instincts. However, you should conduct your own investigation and gather the facts before you confront him because he will most likely deny any affair to the bitter end if you come out and ask him so you have to be prepared.

Don’t make accusations you cannot back up.

7 Rad Flags of Cheating Husband

1. Is he putting a lot more effort into his appearance?

All of a sudden he is whitening his teeth, getting a new hair style, manscaping his private parts to name a few. He has also started to work out more or he has even joined a gym.

He has changed up his wardrobe with younger, hipper styles? Maybe his new love interest is significantly younger than he is.

2. He avoids emotional and physical contact with you.

Aside from the bedroom he seems reluctant to kiss you. He no longer holds your hand, gives you hugs, touches your face and so on.

He barely looks into your eyes and he seems emotionally detached. He may feel like he is cheating on his new love interest or perhaps he has just lost interest in you.

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3. Is he very moody?

Have you noticed that your husband is moodier than before? Do the slightest things set him off? You look at him the wrong way and he explodes.

He picks fights with you, seems angry and is critical of you most of the time. He picks apart your clothes, your weight, the way you speak and is generally unkind towards you.

Everything you do seems to annoy him now. He might be looking for reasons to justify his affair or he might be comparing you to his new love interest.

4. Look for a change in your husband’s sex drive.

Both more or less interest in sex can signal infidelity. Is he tired all the time and “not in the mood”. Is he suddenly shy about taking his clothes off in front of you?

He may be trying to hide an unexplained bruise or scratch or he may feel like he cannot share himself completely with two different women.

Alternatively, has his sex drive increased dramatically and have you noticed any new moves in the bedroom? He may have learned a few tricks from his new lover.

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5. Look through his things like his car.

Are there any unusual hairs? For example you have straight brown hair and you find a few really long curly blond ones. Is the chair adjusted differently to the last time you were in the car? Has he taken the child seat out for no particular reason?

Take note of the mileage. Look through his wallet for unexplained receipts. Perhaps he is taking his new love interest to nice restaurants.

6. How much time is he spending on the computer?

Is he spending time on the computer especially late at night? Check his browser history. If he is clearing his browser history on a daily basis this could suggest they are communicating with their love interest.

Has he created a private email account? You will be able to see if he has not cleared his browser history.

Does he minimize the screen when you enter the room? There are also programs you can install on your computer to monitor activity and find out what is really going on.

7. Take a look at his phone.

This is a big one. Does he take the phone with him everywhere he goes – even the bathroom? When you have the opportunity get a hold of his phone and look through it. If he is being possessive about his phone you may have to wait until he falls asleep. Check his phone to see if he is deleting his text history. Most people do not delete texting history unless they have something to hide.

Check to see if he has joined any dating site or he has any dating apps such as Zoosk, Ashley Madison or Tinder to name a few. Also check to see if he has any instant messaging apps such as What’sApp, Viber or Kik.

We have reviewed mSpy – one of the best monitoring softwares on the market, that can be installed on any iPhone or Android device.

He could be using these as a secret way of communicating. There are also programs that you can put on his phone that will track all of his texting, phone calls and even record his voice calls so you can find out exactly what’s going on. This way the truth will be indisputable.

If you think your husband is cheating on you he probably is. Ultimately the number one sign that someone is cheating on you is your intuition. However, your gut isn’t necessarily fool proof.

While checking off one sign alone isn’t reason to call off the relationship if there are several in play you may have some serious cause for concern. Conduct your own investigation it’s better to find out if you are being cheated on now rather than 1, 2 or even 10 years down the line.

Catching a cheating spouse it’s not an easy task, and thats when spy apps come in play to install on his cell phone, so you can track text messages, GPS location, call log and so much more.

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